Wonderful Creatures


Jays gather acorns and bury them in the ground for future use. Sometimes they bury up to a thousand acorns in a day. Everything in a forest looks alike. This is why it is difficult even for man to find a certain place in a forest. So how can jays find the places where they have hidden their acorns? They act intelligently and mark these places using tree branches or pieces of stone. Still, it is quite difficult to find something buried in a forest. However experiments have revealed that these birds can find their acorns even nine months later. It is a miracle of creation that these birds have such a powerful memory that they can mark the places where they hide their food and then remember these places.

It is certainly not possible to explain the decision of a jay, which does not have intellect as we understand it, to hide acorns by burying them in the ground or marking these secret places to find them in the future as occurring by coincidence.

Burying a thousand acorns and marking their places with stones and branches in an orderly way is certainly something that a bird cannot achieve on its own. It is very natural for a bird to eat an acorn as soon as it finds it. However, only an intelligent being can save it for future use, mark the place where it is hidden and know this mark later.

A bird cannot do any of these by itself. Therefore, we understand that there is a Being Who possesses endless wisdom, has power over all things and makes jays do all the things they do. This superior wisdom belongs to Allah, Who created everything perfectly in an order and rules them all. This bird hides its food only because Allah wills so, and can find it only if Allah wills. As in every creation of Allah, we witness the signs of His perfect creation in this bird too.


These animals of South America, which are called armadillos, have a very interesting appearance because of the armour covering their bodies. These creatures feed on insects and usually search for food by digging in the ground. Armadillos have a keen sense of smell. Perceiving the scent of food, the armadillo embeds its nose in the ground and delves into it in haste as if it is afraid of losing the scent. One might be surprised to see how the armadillo manages to breathe while doing this. However, armadillos do not breathe at that moment. Indeed, they are capable of holding their breath for up to six minutes. This prevents them from choking while digging into the ground.

Thanks to this ability to hold their breath for a long time, which Allah bestowed on them, armadillos can dig into the ground and find their food. This example manifests Allah's mercy and compassion towards the living creatures that He created. In a verse, Allah introduces Himself to us:

Truly your Lord is the Almighty, the Most Merciful. (Surat ash-Shu'ara': 9)

Wonderful Creatures

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