Wonderful Creatures


It is not generally known that fish build nests and provide continuous protection for their offspring. These nests are generally holes dug among pebbles or in the sand. Eggs develop in these open nests for some time, during which the mother and father fish take turns to keep watch over the nest for enemies.

Catfish are among these creatures that protect their young. Female catfish spawn eggs at the bottom of plants and reeds in shallow water. Eggs cling to the roots of these plants. After a while, the female leaves her eggs and then it is the male's turn to take on the duty. The male's duty is to stay with the eggs and to keep watch for danger. This sentry duty lasts for about 40-50 days after which the young fish become fully mature.

Besides this vigilance, the male also makes a murmuring sound using his gills and in this way keeps other hostile fish away from the eggs. He knows that this sound will threaten other fish and will force them to go away.

Allah inspires male catfish to protect their young in this way. Like all creatures, this fish acts only in the way that Allah inspires in it and thus ensures the continuance of its species.

Wonderful Creatures

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