Jami' At-Tirmidhi (6 Vol. Set)

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All praise is due to Allah, Who has facilitated that Darussalam — in its efforts of service in the translation and publication of important Islamic works in various languages — be granted the task of publishing the entire collection of the famous Six Books of Hadith.

These are: Sahih Al-Bukhara. Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawod, Sunan AtTirmidhi, Sunan An-Nasal, and Sunan Ibn Majah.

These last four, known as the "Four Sunan," containing mostly Ahadith related to, and arranged according to religious regulations, have mostly been out of reach of the English reader until now.

After Sunan Abi Dawood, Imam Abu 'Eisa At-Tirmidhi's Jami` (compilation) - better known as 'Sunan At-Timidi' is considered the most authentic among the Four Sunan. In fact, some scholars even considered Sunan At-Tirmidhi to be the best out of all of the Six Books, not based upon a criteria of authenticity, but rather because of how well organized it is, making it easy for the average person to find what he is looking for, and all of the additional areas of knowledge that the author has included, which are not found in the other titles among the Six.
For example, after citing the narrations of a chapter, he often explains the views of the famous A'imamah of Fiqh, like Ahmad, Ash-Shafi'i, Malik, and others. In this manner he makes clear the interpretations of these great scholars, and why they did or did not act upon this Hadith, or its like, making this collection an important Fiqh reference.

Similarly, if he mentioned a chapter about the prohibition or the command for something, he would include — if applicable — a chapter after that related to the exception or permission regarding those matters.

His collection has the added distinguishing mark of containing many statements regarding narrators from the great scholars of Ahadith that he learned from, like Imam Ad-Darimi, whom he often cites from by saying: "I asked 'Abdullah bin 'Abdur-Rahman about this..." Of course, the most famous of these is his teacher Imam Al-Bukhari, whom he often refers to as: "I asked Muhammad" or "I heard Muhammad bin Ismai'l saying..."

Oftentimes, Imam At-Tirmidhi explains details about the name of a narrator that may be obscure in chains of narration he cited, as well as clarifying the names of Sahabah who are mentioned. Buy this Book



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